Welcome to Harbor Vintage Motor Company

We are a Motorcycle shop for American made motorcycles, dealing in parts and on most American made motorcycles from 1912 to current production models.

We stock parts for HARLEY-DAVIDSON®, HENDERSON®, and some INDIANS.
We also stock custom parts and accessories for modern American motorcycles.


Harbor Vintage Motor Company, started life in the early 1960's as a custom bike shop by Dave Scherk and in 1978 teamed up with Mike Hebert (who has since retired in 2003) to form what is now Harbor Vintage Motor Company. We started our business 59 years ago, first opening a shop in Shelburne, VT. We were at that location for 6 ˝ years before moving to our present location in Jonesville, VT. Harbor Vintage is owned by Joe & Heidi Church. Joe Church is head of internet & eBay sales.

2004 brings Harbor Vintage Motor Company to eBay so we can offer our parts to the world!

In 1992 we decided to get more involved in mail order, while maintaining our local bike shop theme, and put our first real catalogue. We are constantly adding new parts and updating our catalogue which is now online and can be found by clicking HERE. We carry parts for most models of HARLEY DAVIDSON® motorcycles, but, now we are specializing in VL models from 1930 - 1936. We have the largest supply of new, used and reproduction VL parts for sale in the USA

We have been building and restoring HARLEY DAVIDSON® motors and transmissions for over thirty years and have a combined experience of over 100 years in total among our team. We have rebuilt or restored over 300 motors and transmissions at our facility and have restored at least thirty motorcycles. We no longer do service work.

In the last year we completed a 1934 RL factory stock restoration that now lives in Wisconsin. A 1934 VL police bike restoration that lives in New York, see Jerry Hatfield's book "HARLEY DAVIDSON FLATHEADS" title page, 52, and page 53. And a 1936 RLDR factory race restoration that currently lives in Vermont.

In the past years, we have restored many 45's, JD's, VL's, RL's, DL's, 1 FHAC, 2 DAH's, a 1934 CROCKER RACER, FL's, EL's, Knuckles, Pans and several INDIANS, {we are not currently restoring any INDIANS, nor do we intend to in the near future}. Currently we are working on a 1924 JD total restoration, 1935 VLD Bobber, 1935 VLD total restoration, 1931 VL street bike. We are also working on several projects that range between 1959 & 1999. Visitors are always welcome during normal business hours.

We hope to see you!

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