Harbor Vintage Motor Co., Inc., makes or gathers reproduction parts from the finest manufacturers in the world in order to supply you, the customer, with the best parts at the fairest prices for your antique motorcycle.

Harbor Vintage Motor Co. offers a full line of services related to American motorcycles from simple repairs to complete motor, transmission and chassis repairs. We can also supply high quality paint and body work. We have the capability to fully restore almost any Antique American motorcycle. In the past, we have restored for customers and our own personal use, at least 30 different makes and models of antique motorcycles. The list includes everything from a1912 H-D single belt drive up to a 1965 H-D Police Special. Our restorations are accurate and authentic. By utilizing the correct colors and paint schemes, plating and parts we are able to guarantee our customers that their motorcycles will score in the high 90's when judged to the " Antique Motorcycle Club of America" standards.

Rebuilding and Restoration

Harbor Vintage Motor Co., Inc. rebuilds and restores motorcycles, motors, transmissions and any parts for all models of Harley Davidson® from 1912 to present.  

N.O.S., Reproduction and Used Parts

Harbor Vintage Motor Co., Inc. stocks N.O.S., Reproduction and Used Parts for most models made by the Harley Davidson Motor Company® from 1912 to present. Please send list for quote.

New parts are constantly being added to the list!

Authorized Dealers

Harbor Vintage Motor Co., Inc. is an authorized Dealer for the following companies:

and Many Others! Just give us a call or stop by.

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